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A child’s world is often confusing and a little frightening, and children need help in facing and expressing what they feel. Author Francinelee Hand knows that if children are encouraged to share what they feel, it will help strengthen the child and create a powerful bond between the child and their adult.

The Claybe Collection is a children’s storybook series about a happy little monkey named Claybe, who lives in the jungle. Claybe is young and just beginning life’s journey. There are so many things he doesn’t understand. He begins to experience feelings he has never felt before.

Hello! I'm Claybe!​

Claybe is a happy little monkey who lives in the jungle. His favorite thing to do is to swing by his beautiful long furry tail. Claybe is just as happy as happy can be until the day he discovers people. Suddenly, Claybe’s life doesn’t seem as great to him as the lives of a people. Claybe wonders if a people’s life is better than a monkey’s life. What does Claybe do about it?


Come visit with Claybe in his colorful jungle world. See the moment Claybe discovers people and travel with him to the Big City where he learns about people and their ways. What does he learn? How does he feel about people? What does he do?

Created to deal with children’s feelings

For children ages 3-7, this 35-page storybook, with colorful hand painted illustrations, is the first volume in this series created to aid children in understanding their feelings.

Children require patience, kindness, encouragement and laughter. They thrive on affection and intimacy. The Claybe collection will help the child open the windows to the feelings within.


Francinelee Hand


Laura Mastrangelo


Adorable! What a sweet and fun story and the illustrations are amazing! Claybe is now my favorite little monkey.

Joanne N, NYC

OMG – love this colorful book! What a nice story, showing the young ones that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

George H, NJ

Love the story and the drawings are incredible, the jungle just comes alive. Bring on Book 2!

Melina O, NYC

What amazing illustrations, and the story is so relevant today. Too many suffer from FOMO. This book reminds us of what we have.

Chris B, NJ

What a sweet and fun book. Love the contrast of the concrete jungle of the city to Claybe’s lush jungle home.

Chris B, NJ

I love reading this book to my little boy, who is too young to read. He LOVES Claybe and the colorful illustrations. We need a doll and more books!


So colorful and meaningful. The illustrations and meaning of the story draw you in.

Linda B, NYC

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