Francinelee Hand

Author Bio Pic - F. Hand

Francinelee Hand was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. Earning her BA at the University of Miami, she had a daily children’s TV show in which she dramatized classical children’s literature and poetry. Upon moving to Manhattan, she earned her MA at Columbia University and became a NYC educator. Married, and with a daughter (now a grandmother of two), she taught music and dance to young NYC children for 20 years.

Longing for the natural beauty of the tropical landscape, she returned to Miami Beach. Her love of teaching and nurturing children never left her. Francinelee had become aware of the crucial need in children to recognize and respect what they feel. Further, and most importantly, they had the need to share what these feelings mean without fear or shame. This awareness leads to self-discovery and the result is elevated confidence.

Francinelee decided to create the Claybe collection. The Claybe collection is a group of stories which help children recognize their feelings as guideposts in their little world. The child’s world is often confusing and a little frightening, and children need help in facing and expressing what they feel. If they are encouraged to share these feelings and sort them out this strengthens the child. It creates a powerful bond between the child and their adult. Children require patience, kindness, encouragement and laughter. They thrive on affection and intimacy. Perhaps the Claybe collection will help the child open the windows to the feelings within.

Book 2, Claybe and the Race, is scheduled for Spring 2023. Francinelee has been writing poetry all her life. Her poetry book, Rhymes from the Sunshine Ritz, is scheduled for Fall 2023, to be followed by more of the Claybe collection.